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About us...

With over twenty years of experience in all aspects of special purpose machine build and systems integration SM Automation Limited is well positioned to offer cost effective solutions to machine control, design, build, installation and commissioning.

Over the years we have built up close relationships with our customers in a variety of industries including Automotive Manufacturing, Bakery, Concrete/hard landscaping and the Electronics industry to give just a few examples.

Here at SM Automation Limited we have the in house capability to support the demands placed on automation by today’s hi tech manufacturing methods


SM Automation Limited offer software solutions tailored to your needs, from complete packages for machine control to minor modifications to existing machine software.

Lost your orginal machine control software? No problem in many cases we can upload your software, create new comment files, provide print-outs, and even modify the software to accomodate new product variants or processes.

  • Mitsubishi: A Series | FX Series | Q Series
  • Allen Bradley: SLC500 | MicroLogix | CompactLogix | ControlLogix
  • Siemens: S7-200 | S7-300 | S7-1200| S7-1500
  • FeildBus: AS-i | DeviceNET | CC-Link| ProfiBus | Ethernet-IP
  • Motion Control: Single-Axis | Multi-Axis | Co-ordinated Axis
  • HMIs: Proface | Hakko| Beijers

Electrical Design

SM Automation Limited have built up excellent trading relations with a number of prestige machine builders and mechanical design experts and can offer complete solutions for bespoke machine design.

  • Concept Design
  • Panel Design
  • Manufacture
  • Software
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Sign-off FAT, SAT & Training
  • Preventative Maintenance scheduling


SM Automation Limited counts a number of presitiges companies amongst it's customer base including a number of large UK blue chip companies; as well a number of machine builders and automation specilists.

  • Aggregate Industries Ltd
  • Dynamtic Ltd UK
  • Ricardo UK, Technical Centre, Shoreham
  • Forest Press Hydraulics Ltd
  • RG Luma Automation, Worcester
  • Golf Electric, Harlow
  • Honda Engineering Group

MultiAxis Servo Control Project

This MultiAxis project was delveloped on an Allen Bradley CompactLogix platform with SERCOS and consists of six physical axis and two virtual axis.

The first virtual axis forms a master cam to which all the physicals axis are synchronised allowing the machine to achieve a runrate of 1800cycles/hour(2.5m/sec).

The bed of the machine is transported on a rack and pinion driven by the lower roller. The Upper roller is geared to the lower roller to allow for process variations while the upper roller height is adjusted by two independant linear servo motors combined to form the second virtual axis. This allows the whole roller assembly to be raised and lower in process while allowing compensation to be applied across the rollers width to ensure an even pressure is applied across the roller width.